2017 Audi Q7 Reviews, Pictures and Prices

2017 Audi Q7

The 2017 Audi Q7 is set to be available to Audi dealers by spring of this year. While still keeping with Audi’s consistently luxurious SUV styling, the 2017 has slimmed down a fair amount. Due to the body’s large aluminum usage and the swap out of some of the vehicles’ previous off-road features the Q7 has lost over 700 pounds. This is definitely an advantage for the SUV as it increases the miles per gallon (MPG.) Which is said to be around 27 to 32 on the highway and 18 to 21 in the city, making it a more affordable SUV although it still packs plenty of power. Running anywhere from 252, 272 or 333 Horsepower, depending on your chosen engine size. Two different six cylinder engines will be available along with a four cylinder option. Each supported with an eight speed automatic transmission.

This luxury SUV isn’t lacking any class, and it definitely doesn’t lack any get-up-and-go. In it’s multiple performance tests, the Q7 achieved 0 to 60 in 6.1-6.3 seconds and 0 to 100 in 16.3-16.7 seconds. The speedometer tops out at about 145-155 miles per hour, creating an ideal parameter for any sort of use.

New 2017 Audi Q7

The 2017 Audi Q7’s top competitors are the Mercedes-Benz GLE Class, the BMW X5 which is slightly smaller than the other competition but outdid itself in the performance category and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport which looks flashy but with less third row seating room than the Audi. There are also upcoming submissions by Rolls-Royce and Bentley though all in all, I don’t see the Q7 sitting anywhere but at the top of it’s class.

The interior of the Q7 will be made roomier. The third row seating is no longer only fit for children or adults of child-like proportions but completely useable. The leather interior seats will be perfect for any family with small children, or even for a business executive on his daily commute. The exterior doesn’t stray at all from the sophistication that we’ve come to expect from Audi. The front design still gives off a quietly masculine sensation to the eyes and the prominence of the front grille adds a slight intimidation factor. The grille and fender shape are said to commemorate Audi’s Quattro Coupe. The body line is defined and elegant, seeming to strive towards the now familiar shape of the 2016, although trimmer. There is not a doubt that the 2017 Audi Q7 will appear in the U.S. lean, mean and ready to rock.

2017 Audi Q7 msrp

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