2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Price, Release date, Diesel, Review

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser release date

The Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 has enough firepower in its belly to muscle its way through the realm of SUVs as a fine and an ideal SUV of choice. However, the fact that it’s quite over-sized for city streets can’t be overlooked. On top of that the Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 is a gasoline-hungry vehicle. That being said, the manufacturers have added tons of exciting new features to the Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 to make it appear lucrative to the prospective buyers.

The 5700 pound land cruiser has ample space to accommodate up to 8 passengers at ease. Besides, the suspension of this hulking SUV is good enough to retain your comfort level across the toughest of terrains. You won’t have trouble accelerating swiftly on the highways, thanks to its advanced four wheel drive system. Looking to travel through the mountains, deserts, jungles and almost everything? Well, then the Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 is definitely for you. However, if you intend to use your vehicle mostly in urban areas, you might lookout for some other options. The enhanced off-road capabilities of the Toyota Land Cruiser take a toll on its urban usefulness.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser concept cars

The power packed SUV still retains its prowess as an ideal off-road vehicle. The Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 houses a powerful 381 hp V8 engine, which will allow you go almost anywhere you can imagine, quite literally. In its latest edition, the Land Cruiser features a eight-speed automatic transmission. However, fuel economy numbers still remain quite disappointing. On the top side, the latest transmission will allow you to hit the 0-60 mph faster than ever.

Numerous other safety features have been added to the Toyota Land Cruiser 2017. Collision prevention system, pedestrian safety feature, automatic head-lights, warnings for lane departure, blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise control are some of the newly added features. In addition, it features 10 airbags, a quality music player, rear-seat entertainment, leather seats, etc. The navigation system coupled with the on-board parking sensors further adds to the utility of this vehicle.

Priced at around $85,000, the Toyota Land Cruiser sits somewhere between a luxury and practical SUV. It is equipped with decent features and has the perfect recipe for taking you on adventure filled trips across the toughest terrains on Earth. If fuel consumption and urban usefulness aren’t really that important to you, don’t hesitate to go for the Toyota Land Cruiser 2017. For those on tight budget, consider the Toyota Sequioa, which is nearly half the price of the Land Cruiser.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser msrp

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