BMW X5 2017 Reviews, Pictures and Prices

2017 BMW X5 release date

Surely we all like BMW. Even if don’t like big cars and jeeps, every car that BMW produce has its own special touch. In 1999 BMW started production of X series. The second generation of 2006 went a step further in terms of design, comfort, driving dynamics, and drive technology, retaining its status as one of the most representatives in the class. Long tradition is guarantee of quality and perfection of this models.

Besides visual impact, the dimensions have a positive impact on the space. After entering the car, the driver feels like he is in a five star hotel room. The driver and passenger have special armrest, and on the back seats travelers will be able to find a great comfort. Just as is the case with the exterior, interior of the new X5 is just an evolution of its predecessor. All recognizable elements, such as the gearshift lever, instrument panel and center console are there only with the necessary changes. By pressing the button you start the powerful three-liter diesel engine that due to the “Twin Power” turbo technology and “common rail” injection system with a maximum pressure of 1,800 bar, releases 258 horsepower. What is impressive is the quality.

2017 BMW X5 for sale

All surfaces in the upper part of the cabin are from leather, wood and high-quality plastic. Even in the more hidden parts are the lining of the pleasant plastic, soft to the touch, and hard plastics can only be found in the hidden parts of the cabin. In this class, in the field of material quality is definitely not realistic to expect more. The instrument panel is default with four analog readout: speed, speed and engine temperature and fuel level in the tank. The engine is good, with an eight-speed transmissions. Consumption is usually at around ten liters, in the Eco mode consumption can drop below seven liters.

AII attention of multimedia fans is focused on the central ridge, on the top where is wide 10.2-inch screen. Previous was 6.5-inch,and it is incomparably easier to read, but also clearer, thanks to the higher resolution. The brain and the heart of BMW’s iDrive multimedia management concept. With the help of the joystick on the center console and seven “shortcuts” is very easy to “walk” through iDrive system, which among other things, allows you to adjust the CD, radio, telephone, navigation, address book and access to a variety of information related to the vehicle. Even easier is to manage “Drive Performance Control” system, which allows adjustment of electronics, suspensions, steering and engine response in four modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus.

2017 BMW X5 for sale

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